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22nd February 2008

8:46pm: more bad news
 A friend of ours is seriously ill in ICU with liver problems. He was a heavy drinker (I had a drink with him only a couple of weeks ago). I had no idea he was sick. They are giving him a 50/50 survival prognosis :-(  He was giving me child rearing advice when I saw him last (he has 8 kids - so knows a thing or two!). Im desperately waiting to hear some good news but dont want to get my hopes up. Hopefully he pulls through.
Current Mood: worried

16th September 2007

7:15am: Busy Sat
Yay - my team won the by election! 

Had a day of visiting everyone. Went to my parents for lunch, caught up with my brother & sil (hasnt had baby yet) and visited brother in law & other sil & kids. My aunty was also down visiting my parents. Found out another cousin of mine is expecting as well - due Feb 4th.

Went to footy. I was falling asleep in my seat. Felt like crap. Hawthorn played like crap.

Found out I have a meeting (PD) on Monday. Not even sure where it is or how long it goes for etc. Have to find out today. Looks like a short week ahead for me ;-)
Current Mood: tired

25th February 2007

12:14pm: New Timetable
I wonder if version 5 will be out tomorrow?? lol

15th December 2006

2:25pm: Start of Vent

Everything and everyone is giving me the shits today.

I just want the year to be over so everyone gets the hell out of my life.

Im stuck in a room doing some pointless exercise to do with VCAL that I may or may not use next year so that someone else can show the big boss that they are making their people work. Am I bitter - absolutely. We keep on getting checked up on every so often. It doesnt help that my computer has decided it hates me and keeps stuffing up all the time.

I keep getting interrupted by well meaning ppl walking past who drop in to see what we are up to. SO ANNOYING! Just piss off!!!!!!
Current Mood: cranky

4th November 2006

7:20pm: Shopping
I hope I feel better tomorrow as I really need to get started with Xmas shopping. I think I have almost decided what to get my nieces (thanks 2 the Kmart sale).

What to get the inlaws is difficult however. I need to find some inspiration.
Current Mood: blah

1st November 2006

8:55pm: Not a bad day despite having a headache again :-( My neck is seriously stuffed at the moment. Probably due to stress - can I sue??

I had yard duty twice today instead of having it tomorrow which makes tomorrow alot nicer :-)

When I got home I found out we were going out tonight to visit friends in Greensborough. Was ok with that but then estatic when hubby said he couldnt be bothered going and wanted to watch the cricket instead *his friends not mine!* I dont really like going out mid-week especially when its not my friends lol

Its my cuz's birthday today (she is 35) :-) forgot about it until I got home (had already sent a gift in the post).
Current Mood: calm

27th October 2006

8:08pm: Staggered to the line of another Friday. Each week is feeling more and more like a marathon which I dont have the stamina to make through :-(

This week was particularly bad as I was feeling run down for most of it and had a headache or two every day :-( Bloody poor health is pissing me off.
Apparently Im supposed to give up sugar, cheese & wine to help that but pfftttt to that!

Just had an unexpected visitor show up! Damn - the house was a pigsty and only had 30 seconds to clean up. Hate that...

Here's to a stress free weekend *cheers*
Current Mood: drained

25th October 2006

9:51pm: Went to my nephew's school concert last night at Hamer Hall. He was in the first band and then we had to sit through another 3 hours of other kids zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

An ex student of ours was in their band - I never realised he had defected? I can understand why however!

I went to this school as a student and as a teacher so it was weird seeing people I used to work with who now look heaps older.

I ran into all sorts of people I know which wasnt all pleasant. Some of the people I went to school with now send their kids to that school too.
Current Mood: tired

23rd October 2006

8:04am: Feeling Stressed?
If stressed at work click on this LINK

and receive your free stress ball soon hopefully ;-)

Feeling very drained after a big dinner out last night. We spent an outrageous amount but it was well worth it. Excellent service & food - yay!
Current Mood: tired

21st October 2006

10:45am: Shopping
I need to shop!

Must get off computer and head off to Sth Land.

Feeling really crappy today however - looks like an afternoon nap will be on the agenda again.

There are some terrific jobs suited to me in the paper today - all in the private sector. I should apply just for the experience and to piss the boss off ;-)
Current Mood: crappy

16th October 2006

9:10am: Another school bites the dust. Albert Park College will close at the end of the year :0 Public education is a bloody disgrace sometimes :-( They reckon it will be transformed and then re-open in 2009 but I wont hold my breath waiting. The worst thing is all the ppl in excess will be shunted to MacRob down the road giving anyone else zero chance :-( bugger
Current Mood: sad

15th October 2006

10:35pm: Ive nearly finished my stoopid application. It gets really shoddy towards the end with a bunch of gibberish to end with (assuming nobody will read this far!!) Completely over it. Still wondering if a resume is required - its not mentioned anywhere? I found two different closing dates pfffttt They want four copies - now thats a lot of trees up in smoke :-(
Current Mood: happy
11:24am: Is this worth it?
Im about 1/2 way thru my application. There is so much jargon to wade through - Im up to my ears in paperwork & policy! Hopefully though I will have a recipe of paragraphs to help me apply for jobs at other schools as well ;-)

Didnt sleep well again - kept having dreams about school programs and policies, meetings and interviews - NIGHTMARE material!

Looks like another day spent on the computer however I am hoping to finish mid afternoon so I can do something else! Although its currently raining so there's not much point in doing anything else is there?
Current Mood: blah

9th October 2006

6:25pm: I had a pleasant day learning about Decimals with my maths mates :-)

Got to visit DFO afterwards and made a few purchases :-) Think most of my christmas shopping may occur there this year! Hopefully the new one in Spencer Street opens before Christmas.

Hubby is making a rare appearance in a golf tournament today. Not sure what possessed him to enter but nevermind. He's playing tomorrow as well so I have to catch a tram to my PD. Its always weird catching the tram with 'real' cityworkers dressed in their corporate gear. They must think Im a uni student or something.

What do I get myself for dinner??
Current Mood: relaxed

8th October 2006

9:47am: Very uneventful weekend. I left the house only twice *blushes* I went for two runs. Both times I gave myself a headache *blushes* Note to self - drink more water. I think they have installed a few more lights around the lake. Nice to see my rates being put to good use - also the parking metre money - good on you ppl!

I mainly did chores around the house and watched a bit of TV. In fact I got so distracted that I havent started that job application yet (Ed Leadership Position). Damn it. I am a bad girl. I keep thinking. Do I want to work harder, more hours for a few extra bucks? Dont know. In that regard I dont care either way if I get a position or not.

I did sell a few things on ebay however. Wish I could sell like that every week! Then I wouldnt need a Ed Leadership position at all. Im better off using extra time selling on ebay!
Current Mood: relaxed

5th October 2006

7:13pm: A Mixed up day
Started the day on a very positive note with an instant win - some kind of hamper which was fantastic! Instant wins are the hardest of all comps because of the sheer volumes of people trying to win.

The downside to having a good start to the day is that you know that the rest of the day will only go downhill from there :-(

VCAL were atrocious - the worst they've been in a long time. A new kid turned up today which I havent had before and he made my life hell. Ive put in a complaint which has resulted in him going to timeout tomorrow - so tomorrow should be a better day. An exit form wouldnt go astray either - that is the next step if further stuff ups occur with him. The weird thing was they were actually the most engaged they've ever been today but this one kid really upset the balance badly. Its unnerving really..... The class is still coming to terms with the room changes - these little things really upset them.

Bring on Friday!

1st October 2006

10:27pm: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Went to the movies today to see 'The cave of the yellow dog'. It was quite a beautiful little tale - I really enjoyed it excepted I developed another shocking headache after it :-( Had to go home and have an afternoon nap - which means Im no where near tired now. It was brought on by dehydration I think as Im ok now after drinking lots of water.

It cant be time for school again already?

I will be wearing predominately black tomorrow to mark the 'passing' of the school holidays. God how I will miss them...............

Looking on the bright side however - there are only 12 weeks until the next ones! OMG only 12 weeks left til Christmas! I have been shopping up a storm but unfortunately it has only amounted to new things for ME and nothing for anyone else :-( Oh Dear!

I need to make a list and start buying things week by week before I leave it all to the last minute.

Good & bad news for my brother. They found his stolen ute - it has been involved in all sorts of crimes in Ballarat! The insurance has already paid him out but I suppose he now has the option to buy it back again! No damage was done to it (not even to the locks!) Bad news is he wrote off his other car on friday night so now they are down to only 1 car in the family. Not long ago they had 4! The insurance company will be getting sick of him!

I need to be semi organised in the morning at get to school in plenty of time to prepare myself for the new timetable. God knows what he's dished up for us this term? All Im really hoping for is some decent room allocations and no double periods.
Current Mood: depressed

29th September 2006

6:25pm: good news
School has updated my internet money so I'll be able to surf on Monday! I'll try and make it last more than 2 weeks this time.

Went to the city again today and it was packed with tourists for the AFL Grandfinal parade. Most trams were disrupted or running up different streets to normal which was a bit inconvient. I couldnt give a crap about the grandfinal - so boring when there isnt any Vic teams involved. I dont think I'll even bother watching it.

Picked up my case from the fix-it man. It looks a little better with a bit of a patch job.

Have heaps to do over the weekend - all those chores Ive been putting off..

27th September 2006

7:01pm: Krispy Kreme
Ok, I admit it Ive got a doughnut problem! I went to the opening of the new Collins Street Krispy Kreme store yesterday! I had a free coupon to get a 'doughnut sundae' because it was my birthday (2 months ago). But before I collected it the whole store had to sing happy birthday to me - which made me totally embarrassed! Id do anything for a freebie! I also bought a mixed dozen so I could try as many as I could! No I didnt get to eat them all but tried quite a few of them - very nice! We had to line up for about 40 minutes but it was all part of the experience really and was worth the wait. The staff were extremely helpful & friendly which is unusual! They were handling the stress quite well. This store is very conviently located near the Telstra Dome so I will be stopping there regularly before the footy next season!

Whilst in the city yesterday I also took my suitcase to be fixed (Jetstar destroyed it!). It was the first time I had used it on a plane too so I wasnt very impressed. The best part was the suitcase fixit man was located near the Vic market so I stopped in there for an hour or so for a bit of shopping. I found a dress which I had been looking at in Bryon bay for half the price so I was very happy!

Whilst at the market I got a call from the car service man who was fixing my car at the time. The bill was going to come to $1000. Oh shit. That immediately ended my shopping trip and happy mood. Crap! Last time I went there I only spent $129 which I found very unusual so I expected a bigger bill this time - but not that big! Although the car was making some rather strang sounds and Im so paranoid about breaking down that I'll pay anything to avoid it. He also recommended having other stuff done but I said 'maybe' next time!

I need to win a new car. Note to self - enter all car comps at once.

14th September 2006

10:54pm: Coach sacking
Bit hard to believe they sacked our coach. Ive been calling for his head for a couple of years! I mainly disageed with the way he was appointed in the first place but then he never really impressed me. I wonder who we will get next? Talk about the revolving door! We need someone with alot of experience and who will stand up to the board and all the shit that goes on.

Looking forward to 1:10pm tomorrow ;-)
Current Mood: excited

12th September 2006

10:32pm: the countdown is on
The countdown til the holidays begins...

4 more teaching periods plus 2 meetings & parent/teacher day!

Bring on Byron Bay :-)

Went looking for bathers tonight. Big mistake... After trying a couple of pairs on I decided not to wear bathers and just wear the shorts/tops I already have. No amount of money was going to make me look good in any of the bathers so I decided they are a complete waste of time & money because I would never walk around in them. Plus Im too afraid of sunburn so the chances of me taking off my tshirt is nil anyway.

The Saints coach was sacked today. Probably a couple of years too late! Ive been calling for his head for a long time (never really liked him). Hopefully the only way is up now!

Had a great massage from my Osteopath tonight. I wish I could go more often but its too far to go and too costly.
Current Mood: rejuvenated

9th September 2006

10:14pm: Bugger it.
Bugger it my Saints lost and are out of the finals again (third year in a row). Very disappointing... Way too many injuries, Im sure we are cursed.

Went to Southland today for David Jones fashion parade. It wasnt as good as the last one. Although we did get free champers and a perfume sample it was a bit light on for free goodies :-( Didnt like many of the clothes either.

I love doing the grocery shopping there as they have way more variety and the Coles store is ten times the size of my local one. I stocked up on everything I cant get here!

I really need to go on an ebay selling frenzy. I cleaned out my clothes cupboard today and have a pile to sell now. Just need some decent weather so I can take some clear photos (need some good light!). Also need a spare couple of hours to sort & list.

5th September 2006

5:50pm: Boring PD zzz
Left after period 3 today to head to Melb Uni for PD.

Glad I dont have to park around there everyday - nightmare! Finally found a suitable 4hr park and then the parking meter wasnt working (wasnt accepting any money). Had to leave a note on my car and pray to god I didnt get a ticket. Noticed nobody else had parking tickets so felt pretty confident I wouldnt get in trouble.

Met ANA for coffee beforehand and a bite to eat for lunch.

Found correct building but no idea where to find PD. Noticed someone else wandering around with the same Maths books that we use and she found the correct room for us and came back to tell us (nice lady). We'd probably still be standing around if it wasnt for her investigative skills!

Sat through 2 hrs of Algebra lecture with me almost nodding off and yawning constantly. About the only thing I got out of it was something about a pencil case ananology which I may or may not use?

Had a mini break for food which was a highlight. Mini croisants, delightful cupcakes, platter of fruit and real coffee out of a great machine! I was impressed!

Back to lecture... More boredom....

Now I just feel exhausted. Didnt sleep that well last night - hoping for a better night tonight.

I have market research tonight for 2 hrs on travel. I hope I dont start yawning again.

3rd September 2006

9:49am: waiting
Waiting with baited breath to see who St Kilda plays & when in the finals starting next week. Please dont let the game be on Friday night because I have my cousin's wedding. I dont want a repeat of my other cousin's wedding where I ended up under the table listening to the game on my smuggled in radio ;-) Which we won the night premiership and I didnt get to see it. Spewing.

Why do people schedule important events during september in Melbourne?? Beats me?? I remember the prime ministers daughter got married on Grand Final day a couple of years ago. I lost all respect for their family after that. Oh wait - I never had any in the first place thats right!

At least I dont think Collingwood will be playing Friday night so I wont have the "Im not going to your stoopid cousins wedding" from hubby. It will be me saying that instead! Although Im sure he will say that anyway coz he'd rather spend a night on the couch watching footy any day.

Latest Bryon Bay update. Still no accommodation but SIL is looking into it. She has ample opportunity to surf all day at work and even make interstate phone calls at will. Can you imagine that??? Looks like we will end up in a backpackers with our own rooms. It was the only option left to us after all other forms of accomodation proved very difficult to get or very expensive. At least the backpackers caters for the internet junkie that is me. Im finding the better the accommodation doesnt always cater for my needs anyway. Will be interesting. Considering I dont have the time or means to look into it myself I cant complain. Im very bad at organising that sort of thing. Also very bad at making phone calls in general even for hairdressers, dentists etc. As long as I dont have to sleep in the same bed with her Im happy.

Went for a run yesterday after a few weeks 'rest'. Knee gave way before long so had to walk most of the way. Stopped to stretch and it seems to have come 'good'. Then after that calf felt very sore. Damn exercise Im sure it cant be good for you..

Have had peace & quiet for past two days. Idiot upstairs has been at soccer past two nights. They should have soccer every night of the week if it gets him out of here! I'll even pay for him to go! Fwit reckons he will pay his body corporate fees in the next couple of weeks. After 4 years of not paying Im not holding my breath. But we are changing the locks to the building so unless he pays he will be locked out ;-) Blames his dislike for previous body corporate for his lack of payment. I really hate people like this. We have been paying HIS way for too long. The body corporate only works if everyone co-operates. What if nobody paid up?? As it happens not much would happen going by his case.. Pathetic.... Has really opened my eyes to how body corporates operate. Dont think Id go in one ever again although there must be a good one somewhere?? Although unless I win tattslotto the only house I'll ever own will be a McMansion out in the McSuburbs.

30th August 2006

10:02pm: Not more headaches
Im sick of my head, neck & shoulders - they make me sick too often for their own good. I want to chop them off.

A productive curriculum day of sorts (the morning at least). Tried to get our heads around the new report 'language' but still have a bit of work to do on it. As for VELS units pffffttt. Lunch was great - got fed straight away and had heaps of time leftover for gossip ;-) The highlight of the afternoon session was when Big Boss told SSZ to 'focus' coz she was tapping away on her laptop so loudly you couldnt hear the speaker. After that my attention quickly nose dived and we found ourselves sticking the blue dots in inappropriate places just to keep ourselves amused. The most I got out of it was a free wad of post-it notes and a grey lead pencil

PD tomorrow should be ok. At Gardenhurst again *I think* Got weird emails with different venues so will be shocked if I actually turn up in the right place. Hopefully its there so I can visit DFO again afterwards. Im supposed to prepare some stuff to take with me tomorrow. Ooops better get to it....
Current Mood: blah
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